Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back on Track

So the wheels very nearly fell off my blogging wagon, from starting off like a shot out of a gun, to complete desertion for almost TWO. WHOLE. MONTHS. What have I been doing? I guess just a common case of life getting in the way. But this will simply not do. 

There has certainly been no shortage of thoughts swimming around in my sometimes addled head. There has been plenty happening, from day to day. Week to week. The kids have been growing (always good); Changing; Learning; Reaching new & important milestones. I have been rolling with... and fending off the punches... of said new & important milestones. We've had Christmas. New Year. Memorable catch ups with family and friends. Birthdays. Parties. And time has just, well, moved on.

Most days I have mused "I'll post something on my blog today" and when I'm crawling into bed at some ungodly hour, I realise, the day just wasn't long enough. Tomorrow for sure. I have a raft of excuses I use to justify why there is just not enough time, however I ALWAYS manage to devote some of that lack of time to reading other people's blogs. And I wouldn't be without that time. I get so much out of the amazing blogs I read. They allow me to think. Laugh. Cry. They give me strength. Direction. Hope. I admit I am partial to the 'mummy' blogs, because at this point in time, that is my 'thang' and there are just SO many great ones out there. But at the end of the day I just enjoy having a good read and escaping the "daily grind", as I so often refer to my life as. 

Anyway, while I'm not a firm believer in New Year's Resolutions (as let's face it, how often do they actually take), I would like to set myself a goal this year... or a goal with two parts.

Part 1: To post on my blog regularly. If not daily, at least bi-weekly. Or even weekly.
Part 2: To get myself some followers. I do have one. My beautiful friend and super talented blogger Laura from http://rainbowtatt.com/ ... but knowing Laura, she is just being kind & supportive (big hugs to you Spunky!) 

Not bad goals. To my way of thinking. Please watch... this... space.


  1. J! You know I'm a sucker for anyone willing to spill their guts online, hehe ;)
    Goals are handy to have (even if so you can break them), but you're doing good! Keeping it regular (hehe), but just stick with whatever suits your timetable
    Yaaay! xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Haha! Yes, I'm so good at breaking goals ;o) Thanks for the support Spunky, love ya!


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