Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Simple Things

If there is anything that being a Mama has taught me, it's that the simple things are often the best. Long before I became a Mama, mother's I knew would state with exasperation, "I don't know why we bother with the expensive gift inside, they'd much rather play with the paper it's wrapped in" or "give them a couple of saucepans and a wooden spoon and it'll keep them amused for hours". Surely not?? I would think to myself.

Now, on a daily basis, the joy of simple things is reinforced in our home, twofold. My imaginative three year old has a knack for taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. At least to him it is extraordinary. When you're three, that's all that matters. When you're thirty two, well, it just opens your eyes that little bit wider to how important it is to let the simple things play out.

So the tasks I consider to be rather mundane, like washing up the dishes. Drying up those very dishes. Vacuuming. Cleaning the bathroom. Wiping up spills with Pine-O-Cleen and floor rag. Running a load of washing through the machine. Taking out the rubbish AND sorting the recycling. Dusting, dusting and dusting some more (what is it about dust and it's failure to just take the hint and MOVE ON?!) It is ALL so exceedingly wondrous under the gaze of his big baby blues.

There are times when it's not so adorable. When I'm stressed, in a hurry or just plain tired. When I'd like nothing more than to just get. the. job. done. When it's been a looooong day and I really hit my patience peak back at the argument over who gets to put daddy's socks in the drawer. Yes, there are just never enough simple things to tire my little man out or even just weaken his interest for a short while. 

So for now, I'm choosing to embrace this amazing time we're going through. I'm determined not to get frustrated. Let him take control (within reason - letting a three year old handle ajax & mould remover may not quite get me a parent of the year nomination... and oh! he does try). Not be so disturbed that he'd rather help me refill the soap dispenser than play with the scores of trucks, cars & games he has at his disposal. But most of all, sit back and marvel at a little boy's enchantment with the simple things. As I get the feeling, this time will be fleeting.

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