Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia Day

We decided to tackle our Australia Day celebrations head on and early today. Hitting the warm sands of Coogee Beach, with a few thousand fellow revellers and an eerily beautiful wee mist. I cannot recall ever seeing a mist quite so thick engulfing the beach. It thickened with intensity the whole time we were on the sand, until it was surrounding us completely with it's cool embrace. Mysterious and breath taking. 

As with many other special occasions, Scott & I have spent many a happy Australia Day on and around Coogee Beach. Our child free days always had a bit of a beach to bar flavour. These days, with two tiddly winks in tow, it's more a case of if we survive the beach part... well and good. But dare not push our luck much further. Today was definitely a prime example of this. 

Both Scott and I did accomplish a divine dip in the ocean. Each taking turns at watching the boys, while the other enjoyed their own little piece of serenity, way out past the seaweed and (reported) blue bottles. That water temperature was just too darn enticing, to be dissuaded by a mass of sea plants or a couple of stingers. Angus had a bee in his bonnet from the get go however. He wasn't keen on going in the water. Needed to pee as soon as we sat down. Flicked sand here, there and everywhere. Wanted to "go home". "go home now!" It was tiring at best.

Thankfully, the good souls of Randwick Council provided a bit of family entertainment down by the beach. Just perfect for the littlies. Or at least my little three year old bundle of energy. With a bunch of supervised gross motor activities, it seemed to keep the kids on their tippy toes and having... a... blast. Angus' favourite of the games by far... a giant beach ball. It was so captivating to watch him enjoying every second of play with that giant ball. It also gave us some sweet relief, after the previous hour of melancholy.

Then to top the day off nicely... a tasty freebie from Streets, who were plugging their new Splice iceblock range. Putting their fittest and most personable representatives forward it appeared, to bring about a touch of honest to goodness generosity to anyone in sight. It never ceases to amaze me the sheer volume of attention a product giveaway can generate. Something about getting anything for free. Maybe!?

So another Australia Day done and dusted. Today, like so many years gone by, I did stop and take a moment to think about just how fortunate I am to live in this great country. To be born and raised here. How lucky I am to now be raising my own children here. A beautiful land, filled with amazing people and incredible places. I heart Australia.


  1. Love the pics. Looks like a very happy day all round x


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