Thursday, January 20, 2011


I love catch-up's. With or without kids. Three course meal or simple snack. With or without a cocktail. During daylight hours or after dark. With friends or family. I have to say, I am partial to a good old fashioned catch-up. 

My catch-up today went a little something like this: 

With kids (four tiny tots)
Simple snack (homemade sandwiches)
Without a cocktail (unfortunately)
During daylight hours (lunchtime)
With friends (two fabulous gals, Manda & Ursh)
...and one very inquisitive King Charles Spaniel called Zoe.

The three of us all gave birth to babes in 2010. Therefore poor Angus was a little out of his element, but he still managed to command a sufficient chunk of limelight. Never the shy violet my boy. We had Bailey, the eldest of the babes, at eight months old. Felix, six months. Then beautiful baby Olivia, just 12 weeks. What a little lady she is. So petite. So gentle. So thoughtful.

Then, there are the boys. Boisterous, loud, physical. Boys. I know, they are only babies. I also know that they will surely become even rougher & tougher as they get older (I only have to look at Angus to realise that). Even now, they're exhausting. I have noticed Felix is gradually taking on a more active, even aggressive, demeanor while at play. Hmm, thank you Angus! At least it is still in the innocently curious stage of baby slaps and grapples. However, I am keeping a close watch on my generously proportioned six month old, as he already has the mischievous twinkle in his eye. A twinkle I have seen before, in a certain three year old I know. 

So while the boys slugged it out on the floor. Rolling, Crying, Giggling. We nattered, listened and shared the latest, in a good old fashioned catch-up.

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