Thursday, January 27, 2011

Story Time

We love books around here. Even before Angus was born, he had a supply of beautiful books waiting for him. Some new. Some pre-loved from my very own childhood collection. The love affair with books has continued for over three years now. There are so many books in our house, like an embarrassment of riches. Each birthday or Christmas or sometimes just because, new and fantastic books are welcomed into our tiny home with open arms. We will always make some extra space to accommodate this form of entertainment.

From the abundance of titles available at our finger tips, there is a particular series of which we have read again and again and AGAIN. No amount of repetition is going to dull our passion for these books. The affair began way back when Angus was just a year old. His Nana, my gorgeous Mama, gave him a hard cover copy of Hairy MacLary Scattercat. He often reads books with his Nana and has done so since he was a bub. So with each and every giggle or smile or new word uttered from his mouth, Nana would feel compelled to go and purchase yet another book. She most definitely created this addiction we all share.

So these days, from the myriad of beloved Hairy MacLary (and friends) books we own, Angus has narrowed his selection down to seven all time favourites. First thing in the morning and I mean first thing. Before I've even set foot out of bed, we have story time. It more or less took on this shape a few months back. During the cooler months, it was just nice to snuggle in bed for that little bit longer, whilst reading something fun. Nowadays, it's an institution, as we faithfully read each of the seven stories. Angus can practically recite every line verbatim. Occasionally Felix joins us, but most mornings, it's just Angus, myself and the colourful characters from Donaldson's Dairy. 

Lynley Dodd is one super talented children's author. The names. The rhymes. The illustrations. The tales. The whole bit comes together so beautifully on the page, it genuinely sweeps the reader (and listeners) into the adventurous scenes she composes. Even when my boys are too old and too cool to be reading about the likes of Hairy MacLary, Slinky Malinki or Zachary Quack, I will be holding these treasures close and keeping them safe. Just as my Mama did with my all time favourites.

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