Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beachin' It

What a divine weekend. Plenty of glorious sunshine. A splash of cloud here and there, to subtly break up the brilliant blue sky. Just the right amount of breeze to cool sun kissed brows. It was love.

Both Saturday and Sunday mornings, we hit the beach early (by early, I mean after 9, but before 10, so our kind of early). Saturday it was just my (baby) boys and I for our beach outing. With Scott rendering me a golf widow almost every Saturday of the year, we're quite used to being sans Daddy/hubby.

Clovelly Beach has to be one of the best beaches around for babes and small tots. Which makes it not half bad for the adults responsible for those kidlets. It is more of an inlet, than a beach, but it still has a good stretch of sand, plenty of rocks and naturally, a huge body of ocean water. My favourite type of water. Give me sea water over chlorine infused water any day. 

Another appealing feature (well usually) is the lack of waves. It is definitely not a surf beach. Most days it has smooth calm water, gently lapping the shore. Saturday was a smidgen more choppy than normal. Angus discovering this first hand when he was literally bowled over like a ten pin, by an over zealous wave. It was actually quite hilarious to witness and I so wouldn't have laughed if I thought he had been hurt or frightened. But given that he was neither of these things. I chuckled. Long. and. Hard. He chuckled too. Which took the pressure of me from looking like a really, really mean mama. Sometimes those incidents are just plain funny.

Felix was a prize baby, choosing to sleep peacefully in the pram on the steel boardwalk (yet another ideal aspect for parents with prams) right next to where we were playing on the sand. In fact, beach and slumber seemed to be the theme for Felix this weekend. Must be all that crisp, salty air.

Our beach trip today led us to another of our favourite local beaches. A little larger and more unpredictable for the littlies. But a beauty nonetheless. So family of four headed off, early once again, but not quite early enough to beat the nippers to it. Coogee Beach during the summer months radiates, especially on weekends. It is brimming with tourists, nippers and tonnes of locals. Scott and I have been going to Coogee Beach together for almost ten years. Scott proposed to me smack bang in the middle of it, on bended knee, under the moonlight. We were married, overlooking the south end of the beach and had our first photographs as husband & wife on the golden sands. So many wonderful memories shared on that beautiful beach. It is so heart warming to be making more as parents with our two boys.

Poor Angus copped his second dumping for the weekend. This time, Scott was in charge. So I didn't witness this one. Which, I am kind of glad I didn't. Scott reported that it was pretty bad. The little man himself, could not. stop. talking. about how the wave "smashed him". He surprises me at times, with how brave he can be, for just a little tacker. Felix continued his restful theme, while I caught a few rays. What a good old fashioned way to spend a summer's weekend.


  1. awww I loved reading your reference to Coogee Beach. 2 of my brothers live there and are active lifeguards at the beach there. Kind of nice to have that connection. Sounds like you had an idyllic weekend.

  2. Oh it IS such a beautiful beach, surrounded by a wonderful community. The lifeguards do an amazing job, your brothers should be so proud of what they do and of course, the beach they work on! Thank you so much for stopping by, reading my post AND leaving a comment Sarah. It made my day seeing your comment there :o)


Thank you for stopping by my blog, reading this post and for leaving a comment. Seeing a comment on my posts always makes my day :o)