Monday, November 15, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

This evening, I have been humming the tune of an old Carpenters classic. I have never even been a fan of the Carpenters, but sometimes it's incredible how the mind works. Rainy days and Mondays, exclusively, certainly DON'T always get me down. But, when you throw them together, following on from a pretty close to perfect Sunday... well I've got myself the lyrics to a decidedly apt song for today (Carpenters fan or not). 

Thank GOODNESS for a sneaky playgroup session this morning (before the rain well and truly set in), as without it, those witching HOURS would have been even more hostile than they already were.

Angus was in fine form, with a barrage of schemes (or as Scott would say "projects") under his belt. Some I saw coming. Others I didn't. And one in particular, set me on the path of despair... "can I pour my water in my dinner mama?" To this, I might as well of said "go ahead sweetie, be my guest", because not a minute later, he did! I'm not even sure what that is saying about my dinner prepared with LOVE, but I'll choose not to read too much into it. Let's just put it down to childish curiosity. That'll do.

This 'testing phase' that all toddlers on the brink of childhood seem to go through, really is just that. Testing. EVERYTHING seems to be amplified at present and woe betide the innocent soul who says or does anything to upset the equilibrium. I'm tired just thinking about the ding dong battles played out day in, day out around here. So for now, I won't.

As I like to focus on some positives (always), this little treasure could keep me giggling for an eternity. Angus often comes up with his own impressions on life these days. His own take, or as I like to say The World According to Angus. He is somewhat obsessed with Felix's cheeks and frequently tickles, squeezes, grapples them. But by far, the sweetest thing is what he calls them. Cake. That's right... cake. He hasn't picked up this golden description from anyone. It is simply his own precious imagination at work. So when he cups Felix's ample cheeks in his chunky little hands and says "you are a cake Felix", it just makes... my... day. 

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