Sunday, January 15, 2012


As we crossed the border into Queensland and the clock wound back an hour, we had no idea the havoc it would wreak. Waking patterns were thrown completely out of kilter for almost the entire duration of our stay. The boys kicked our first morning off early. 4.47 kind of early. Complete with a glaringly bright sunrise to greet the day. It was shaping up to be a looong and challenging ride. Until we resolved to turn it around. Much like many of the days we were away. A sheer determination to make the most of the premature start to the morning, being the key.

I've only been to Seaworld once before. Scott and I were newly married, young and fancy free. We loved it back then and despite our experience being a little less relaxed this time around... we enjoyed it even more. Because the expressions on the faces of our boys simply can't be matched. Sure, there were moments when Angus had his cranky pants on and tried to flex his muscle in the planning of our next moves and decision making. And there was Felix's hissy fit just as the dolphin show was about to start... which meant he and I watched all the tricks and twists and turns, a good distance away from the action. But on the whole, a sensational time was had by all.

The morning and afternoon wet T-shirt sessions, to cool down in the blistering Gold Coast heat, were by far my personal favourite moments for the day. 


  1. Oh Julie those photos are too cute, too much fun :)

  2. Love it J! Beautiful photos!
    Love the positivity, despite the early starts.

  3. What a fabulous (if early!!) day.
    Those cheeky grins are so infectious.

    1. What is amazing time. I envy the wonderful sunny whaether. Have a nice holiday.

  4. Happy days! We went to Seaworld during our November QLD trip and it was such a blast. I love how your Seaworld day and my Seaworld day look alike but different. You know? I absolutely love the pictures of the boys playing in the fountain. Gold! x

  5. Julie, sounds like you had a ball! Love that you worked within the small peoples moods and timeframes. Makes life so much easier. Great photos too.

  6. I love these shots - especially the first one with the little man in his sunnies. Too cute!

  7. I love sea world!! Have such memories of spending time there as a family when I was a little girl & can't wait to take my girls one day! Looks like you had so much fun!

  8. Looks like you had the best of fun! xx

  9. I love the look your boy's faces! :)


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