Monday, January 16, 2012

All aboard the Venga Bus

This weekend transported me back in time, to my youthful days on the dance floor. An impromptu invite, a last minute ticket and... there I was. Feeling quite the pimple on a pumpkin amongst the teeny-bopper-twenty-something crowd. Watching my gorgeous 18 and 21 year old nieces bumping and grinding to tunes that I used to bump and grind to. The same gorgeous nieces who in a moment of weakness, persuaded me into tagging along with them. A tad eye opening to find what is considered 'retro' now, is the same music from my era. Which is anything but retro in my eyes. Just how did I get this old!?

To my utmost surprise The Venga Boys still know how to shake it and work a room. Funnily enough, I also remembered the words to their little ditties. Granted, they're not exactly the meaningful lyrics of a U2 or Cold Play, but they have a certain something, which is impossible not to be drawn in by and groove along to. So despite having to wait until after 11pm until they hustled on stage in an explosion of colour and sparkle, I held my own and kicked it with my nieces and all the other crazy kids... and maybe even a few other oldies, reliving their glory days.

Playing along with the fabulous Sonia at Life, Love and hiccups for Wonderful Weekend stories.


  1. Love it! You are like so totally the cool (hot) aunt!

  2. Oh look at you, you fit right in. Looks like you had a ball! woot woot;)

  3. Go Julie...rockin it!!

  4. Do you know, just for a second, I was trying to work out which one was you on the stage!!! You fit right in with the cool girls there!

  5. Hahaha Love it J.
    You still got it going on!
    I bet you showed your nieces some moves!

  6. Glory days indeed! Thanks for the trip down memory lane Julie :)

  7. Brilliant stuff, Julie!
    Nothing like reclaiming a little youth - temporarily!
    You look just fabulous, by the way.

    Thanks for getting the Venga boys stuck in my head now!!

  8. Of course you held your own - look at you getting amongst it. And I agree you don't look old enough to be their Aunt!!

  9. Oh what fun!! You look gorgeous! :)

  10. And can I say, you don't look older than them, even though you're feeling much older!

    What a hoot! I love nights out like this, but alas, do feel a bit older than the crowd these days!

    You look gorgeous, by the way!


  11. oh this is adorable and how much fun! love the photos! who are the venga boys again? am i showing my age now :). xo.

  12. love this. getting out for a boogie is so good for the soul. you look amazing too:)
    x ashley


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