Friday, January 20, 2012

Boys will be boys

Today was beyond draining. Angus took a fall on a piece of play equipment at the park and was very lucky not to have broken his sweet little nose. One of those innocuous moments that seem to happen in slow motion. As always, in plain sight of where I stood. The hysterical scream was enough for me. I knew it must have been bad. Blood pouring, button nose swelling, sweaty body involuntarily shaking every few seconds. SO scary for this doting Mama. Our play date with friends abruptly ended there. Everyone decidedly rattled and worse for wear.

We spent the afternoon camped out quietly on the lounge. Fruit juice, a banana paddle pop and plenty of Tv show favourites, along with a customary ice pack, all in an attempt to alleviate the suffering. And they worked, as he ever so gradually became his cheeky self again. Incidents like these unnerve me. They heighten my already wild imagination and rock the delicate confidence levels. Sometimes I'd like to be able to wrap all of my boys in cotton wool. Keep them safe and close and happy, always. Then I see how their eyes sparkle and their smiles widen when they're free, running amok, experiencing life, for all of it's ups and downs. I am aware of my place, never more so than on days like this one. Be there to pick them up when they stumble, wipe their blood and tears as they're spilt and love them with unconditional tenderness. For now, it is all they need. 

More holiday happy snaps - Queensland 2012


  1. Oh you poor thing, I hate when the kids get hurt its a stab at your heart! Glad he is feeling better, a Mummas tlc and an ice pack do wonders. Little Bit broke her nose x 2 when she was 3ish, she fell down the back stairs right in front of us and crack hit her nose on a step..not pretty. Ice packs and tlc and it came good albeit a bit crooked. THEN 2 weeks later she had a cold and Daddy helped her blow her nose and crack (we heard it) oopsy pushed a bit hard and re broke it!! Straightened it up though and so far she doesnt seem to have any breathing problem :)

  2. SO SO SO very true!

    I felt sick FOR you, but I also felt grateful for the insight into my future.

    We can't wrap them in cotton wool, as much as we wish we could!

    I hope he's fastly on the mend!

    Dear little thing xox

  3. Hi there! Dropping by from Wendy's blog. You have a great blog and a beautiful family. Kids will be kids and definitely keep us on our toes. Glad it wasn't more serious. Hope the rest of your day goes well!

  4. Oh that terrifying scream that says "I'm reeeallly hurt this time, Mum".
    Poor little man - and poor nurse Mum.

    It's an eternal tug-of-war between keeping them safe and letting them be kids. Real, exploring, taking risks, getting dirty kids.

  5. Oh J, very stressful for everyone.
    Hope Angus is feeling better today and his nose isn't so sore.
    Those moments are very hard for us mums, somehow the dads shake them off a bit more easily, but for us, they serve as a reminder to be ever more observant.
    Big hugs and kisses to Angus from all of our Muddy Tribe.

  6. I remember when my son Josh, at about 3,'face-planted' while jumping on the bed (I should have stopped that!) and put his teeth through his bottom lip. It was so horrible. All the blood and screaming. But kids bounce back (pardon the pun)after such incidents much quicker that us mums do!

    I hope little Angus is feeling better, and perhaps showing off his bruises to milk it for all it's worth!

  7. sooo stressful, heart in throat, tummy flip stuff. ugghhh.
    my little girl plays rough already and freaks me out with the way she slams the ground/walls/anything really.
    understand hiding out and maybe even wrapping in bubble wrap!
    x ashley

  8. Poor Angus, he must have been so freaked out. I don't like those mummy moments :( But it's all part and parcel isn't it?
    I have to say that I'm loving that 2nd photo. I can't tell who's having more fun! Hope you're o.k sweets xxx

  9. Oh Julie, you poor darling. There's nothing worse than feeling that sense of helplessness when our littlies hurt themselves and we want to take away their pain, is there? I love the last photo of your three boys. How precious! J x

  10. Gorgeous smiles in that last picture! And yes, boys will definitely be boys. We had our first knee scraping incident the other day and boy did he milk it! x

  11. oh hun - I so hate that heart in your mouth feeling. it is just horrible. but unfotunately boys being boys, they will give us plenty of those moments. Flynn split his head open the other night and I was ready to call and ambulance. Under all the blood though was a small cut. Enough to give me a heart attack though. xxxx

  12. Sweet friend not our little precious one poor darling, I hate it when they get hurt I tend to cry with them, hopeless I am. These photos are just magical with their dad beautiful. Have a lovely week dearest one.

    Always Wendy


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