Thursday, November 11, 2010

Playgroup Days

Every Monday and Thursday, during school terms, the most fabulous playgroup takes place just minutes from our home. We are big, BIG fans. I first took Angus along when he was about 6 months old. Like most playgroups it's a bit of an eye opener for newcomers due to the sheer numbers (thank you baby boom) of over excited, over stimulated, over the top kiddies, darting around like an army of crazy ants. Bumping into each other, falling down, getting up, crying, laughing, smacking, hitting... oh it's a gas! But who am I kidding, even for me, a seasoned playgroupee, most days we go don't fail to bamboozle, almost 3 years on. 

It is run by a local church and held in their lovely grounds and hall. They have an awesome little team who organise the whole thing by themselves, from set up, to packing away and they do a stella job. There are practically gazillions of toys, games and activities. Ride on cars and bikes, puzzle tables, play dough and painting, a giant sandpit and oodles of dolls, prams, cars, books, heck there is even a cubby house! Add to all of this, a healthy morning tea is provided AND singing, dancing & story time, lead by a lady who I'm sure inhales some kind of happy pill with her morning coffee... that kind of energy is just not natural. It is simply a kiddies paradise... and not half bad for the parents either I might add. All for an exceptionally reasonable six bucks per child... once they hit 6 months old, so Felix your free play days are numbered! 

We were blessed with brilliant sunshine today and shiny moods to match. Good times.

Most of the afternoon was spent in one of my favourite spots of our little home. The courtyard. It is small and quaint and utterly perfect for my big Angus to roam and explore. Explore, he does. Disgustingly fascinated with all things 'waste management' for well over a year now, he delights in piling the bins full of leaves, sticks, dirt, anything he can get his hands on really. Sometimes I'm disturbed that I actually allow him to play like this, but it makes him so darn happy. Who am I to stand in the way. Right??

Personally, my clothes line and outdoor setting give me a similar enjoyment to that of Angus' thrill over bin play. On a Spring afternoon in November, there is nothing quite like getting a load of washing hung and kicking back with my boys in the warm sun... and that is just what we did. 

Oh! almost forgot, the glorious star jasmine that has crept and woven it's way throughout our entire yard. Now the sight and scent of that lovely vine is really something.

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