Monday, November 8, 2010

Baby Love

18 weeks ago today my (2nd) baby boy came into the world and into our lives and oh! what a boy! Despite my concerns throughout the pregnancy of how I could EVER love another baby quite so much as his older brother... indeed, I am head over heels in love with Baby Felix.

Weighing in at a hefty 4.4kg (just shy of big brother Angus' 4.6kg effort) and measuring a decent 56 cm in length, Dr Rob's initial summation of him was "he is hung like a Nigerian lumberjack", no less... and yes, both Scott & myself appreciated the light hearted nature of his delivery. Nice one Dr Rob.

Life has most certainly travelled at the speed of light since then. Our beautiful baby boy has grown to a whopping 10kg & 67cm (official stats at 16 week mark) and GROWING! He fits a size 0 outfit snuggly (and not just the super teeny weeny Bonds size 0 either... ALL size 0's). He is most definitely the epitome of a bouncing bubba and we just adore him. Even Angus seems in awe of him these days, lets say somewhat more so than he was 18 weeks ago. Hmmm.

After a typical harrowing, rough ride through that initial "newborn" phase, Baby Felix has evolved into a placid, agreeable, bubbly, squealing delight of a baby and to date (touching wood as I say this) has a fairly solid sleep pattern down pat. Of course now I have said this he will punish me with a few nights of patchy, interrupted sleep... just to let me know who is boss in this relationship... Thank you Mama!

But for now, I am quite content to sign off on what is technically my first ever 'official' post, go to bed & dream of my gorgeous little boys.

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