Thursday, November 11, 2010

Terrible Two's

With Angus' 3rd birthday just around the corner, I'd like to think that we are about to wade right out of the murky sludge that is the Terrible Two's. In the cold light of day, I think my hopes are sky high.

I am told by numerous peeps (friends; family; mum's I meet at the park/shops/beach), that the term "Terrible Two's" is indeed a fallacy. More like I should be bunkering down, heavy artillery in check, for potentially another year of terror ahead. Give me strength.

We started out well today. A play date with a friend from my mother's group and her 2 girls. At the beach. Sun shining. Sandcastles & laughter. One might say, pretty darn perfect. The short sharp trip to Woolies on the way home? Not so much.

I've noticed lately, whenever we set foot inside a shopping centre, carpark, public toilet (and now we're in undies mode, there are alot of those stops going on) Angus' mood shifts from lighthearted to downright manic in a matter of seconds. His eyes glaze over, his busy hands move with precision and his little feet take off as if they might actually be jet propelled. It sends my head into a whirling spin of confusion and raises the temperature of my blood to bang on boiling.

So today, when we finally reached the 'self serve' checkout, after a fair share of heady battles down the necessary aisles and Angus proceeded to push every. single. button on the eftpos keypad... Mama lost it. Not good, I know. Doesn't help the situation, I know. Only exacerbates it, I know. But lose it, I did. I was 'that' woman we've all observed in the shops at one time or another. Shrill, banshee style voice. Barking threat after threat and clutching at any shred of reason possible. From that point it was head down, purchases in bag and no form of eye contact with anyone as we hot tailed it out of Woolworths. I could sense we had an audience though. Isn't there always? 

A silent car ride home. Tears dried. Then a little talk... and we were friends again. Upon reflection of my own little outburst, I kinda thought maybe, just maybe, I am going through a sort of Terrible Two's myself. The Terrible Thirty-Two's as it were. Well, it's a long shot, but the thought of it made me smile.

There were however, two highlights to my day. My little-big-man Felix transferred out of his baby car capsule, to a brand new car seat. Fitted safely and securely at an official RTA inspection station (peace of mind). Followed by a trip to one of our fave local parks, for some "Angus and Mama time", as Angus calls it, while Felix slept. 

And here he is! My 10kg, 4 month old chubby bubby... in his BIG car seat. A more delectable chunky cookie in Sesame Beginnings baby romper you will not find. 

                     Initially, he wasn't feeling it... but within minutes...

ahhh slumber! and sweet dreams my little buddha.


  1. Oh J, look at that sad face! He's such a little buddha, you'll have to remind me to rub his belly for good luck ;)

  2. Haha! Isn't he a buddha? He just has roll upon roll, like a Shar Pei puppy ;o)

  3. The most angry baby face I have ever seen.


  4. what's the formula of the milk which your baby drink?

  5. Oh my goodness he is so cute!!! I love chubby babies


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