Monday, November 8, 2010

A Whole New World

Well, this is all VERY new to me. The world of blogging, a vast, amazing world of which I have only just discovered. I am sure I am only at the tip of the iceberg. But Here I go!

I guess I am starting this blog as I like to read about people. Their lives. The things that make them happy, make them sad, make them tick & inspire them.

I like to think that the things I will write about will one day be read by my boys, whether it be good or bad, doesn't matter, because they will read these posts and KNOW how much their mama loves them and hopefully enjoy the insight into their world long before they had memories of it.

But of course, this blog will be ALOT about me... as I kind of gather that this is the essence of blogging, yeah?? Well, I hope so, because as time will tell, I have alot to say!


  1. Dropping in for the first time. Slack I know, cause you've commented on my posts a couple of times now!
    Nice to meet you. Thanks for dropping by. Look forward to catching up on your story and keeping up to date.

  2. I've started to check out bloggers' first posts to get a sense of what they're about... It's reassuring to read that others were as nervous as I am about the whole blogging thing. I like that you're hoping your boys will read this in the future. I've just finished a post about my daughter and was thinking to myself what a great way this is to document yourself for future generations. Looking forward to following you! :o)



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