Monday, October 29, 2012


There have been quieter months on record. I'm sure of it. Most definitely less stressful ones. And I'm certain the combination of renovations, starting up an online business and preparing my beautiful boy for his first operation, have been the main contributing factors behind the chaos. But it's all good. I'm loving the thought of the fresh new spaces in our home... loving creating more bright and colourful designs for friends and family to dress their littlies in and most importantly... LOVING that those pesky adenoids are OUT and all the fluid in those little ears is GONE and we can put today behind us. Because today, was traumatic.

I am so proud of Angus and how he handled the whole unpleasant ordeal. These are the experiences I really didn't consider before becoming a Mama. Sleepless nights, temper tantrums, dirty nappies and the like... all of that, I anticipated. But the tear your heart out pain of seeing fear in their eyes or holding them as they go under anaesthetic or watching them claw at the bandage on their arm where the needle went in... these are the things that knock us for a six. The ones nothing can prepare us for and the ones we won't forget in a hurry.

A few houses in our neighbourhood are really getting into the swing of Halloween this year... the boys are a bit young to get into the celebrations at this stage... yet I still couldn't resist whipping up these tees for my cheeky Halloweenies. And they're now part of the Button Tots range


  1. Poor little fella :(
    I hope he recovers well and fast!

    Rach x

  2. So glad your on the other side of that op, it is heart breaking to see little ones go under a general.
    Love you halloween shirts!

  3. Best wishes honey...I hope he feels better soon xxx

  4. Oh poor Angus - so glad he handled it well. And hope you were ok too - always hard on the Mama when things like this come around. Have a great week xx

  5. Poor little man, hope he will recover quickly and little people do seem to bounce back so fast! Love the tshirts too by the way :-)

  6. I remember those moments vividly...they don't get any less the more times you do it glad you are on the other side and all is well...enjoy the new found health of your little guy. xx

  7. Oh yah it is over! I hope the recovery goes just as well....I am loving the little shirts you made as well, very very smart indeed!x

  8. Hugs to you and Angus! Thank goodness it's behind you now. xx

  9. Oh I hear you, Julie.
    After enduring two surgeries with baby Magoo - I almost welcomed the ordinary crappy stuff like teething and colds!!!
    I'm so glad today is behind you and hope that the benefits make it worthwhile.

    I can't wait for your renovations to be complete too.
    I have a feeling November will be much kinder to you love.

  10. Thank goodness that operation is behind him now, I hope he recovers fast and life can be a little less traumatic for both of you. Another few weeks and you'll have the renos behind you too..what a lovely Christmas and summer you have to look forward to.

  11. Glad the op went well and Angus is on the mend. Jasper has had 3 sets of grommets and his adenoids out. These kids are such troupers! The first time you see them go under anaesthetic is a bit scary though :( Hope all is going well with your business, the shirts look great! Fingers crossed the renos are done soon!! Xx

  12. The t-shirts are very cute Julie - they are bound to be a hit! It must feel so good to have that ordeal behind you & good things to look forward to including a healthier & happier Angus!
    Melissah - Coastal Style

  13. Poor Angus. Hope he's feeling heaps better.
    Its horrible seeing your kids going under an aneasthetic. I feel for people that have to do it far too often.
    Cool tees!

  14. Hope the Op Recovery is going well J (amidst all the reno's).
    Sending love to you all xoxox

  15. Oh Sweetheart. Just catching up. So relieved it went well. I haven't been able to go in with the pixies for their anaesthetic. Mr PB has been in all 7 times. Here's to a much healthier and happier Angus! J x


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