Thursday, October 11, 2012


We're feeling a bit displaced around here this week. Scott and I have lived together for twelve years and until now, never undertaken any kind of renovations on the houses we've lived in. But after three years in our 1885 built terrace, we decided it definitely needed a facelift in certain areas. So I chose the two areas that need the most TLC... and they just happen to be my favourite spots too. I can't wait until our kitchen and backyard are complete. Living amongst permanent mess and boxes packed with almost the entire contents of the kitchen, gets a tad old after a few days. But I can't complain, as my wonderful brother and his crew are doing it all and it's really nice actually knowing the tradies wandering around my home.

Aside from existing under a thick blanket of dust, this week we've also kept pretty busy. Getting out of the house early and returning home as the guys are about to head off. With two curious boys poking around tools and wires, it seems to be the most logical plan. On the way home from preschool on Tues, the boys joined Angus' friend Will and his little sister on a tour of our local fire station. It's been years since Angus sat in the fire truck, so long he couldn't even remember doing it. I think he'll remember this time though. Being doted on by the lovely firefighters and enjoying a real hands-on experience with the truck lights AND the big hose. Impossible not to love the fireies.


  1. Great photos! We went to an old Transport museum today and Tom spent most of the time in the old Fire engines. He was so excited by them all. Good luck with the Renovations! Elaina

  2. HOw fun, the fire station is every child's dream I think.
    Hope your renos move along quickly- it is hard having workmen in the house, it'll be nice when it gets back to normal.

  3. They look like nice patient fireys! I hope we get a look at your new kitchen soon.

  4. Hope your renos go smoothly and a lot quicker than ours!! How nice are the firemen? xx

  5. Love a fireman! I love that they let the boys use the hoses!!!

  6. Kids + fire engines = happiness :-) All the best with the renos!

  7. Oh that is awesome.
    My Magoo would be beside himself.

    I hope your renos go as smoothly as possible.
    The result will be so worth it.
    But that dust just seems to cover EVERYTHING, doesn't it?
    :-) xxx

  8. How exciting, woo hoo! looks like fun days with super happy kiddys!xx

  9. Good luck with the renos - I'm hoping to do the same thing next year but I'm not looking forward to the mess! Angus looks like he's having a load of fun at the fire station!
    Happy Weekend!

    Melissah from Coastal Style

  10. I love that the fire brigade take time to engage with our kids. It has so much more impact than just trying to abstractly teach them fire safe skills! Hope your renos go well!

  11. I love a good Firie, what a fantastic experience for Angus, one he won't soon forget.
    Hope the Reno's are going well xoxox

  12. We're in the middle if our renos too. Fun but messy!
    What little boy doesn't love a fire truck! Too cute x

  13. How exciting!

    You'll have to post some updates! :)

    I love this stuff x

  14. I love a renovation! It's hard work, but the end result is worth it. So worth it!

    Getting out of the house is the best way to stay sane. I hope you stay focused on the finished product! (And please share some photos!) xx


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