Monday, October 1, 2012


Lots to love about our October long weekend. Wonderful quality time spent with great friends... with a delicious dinner and a few drinkies thrown into the mix. Running a personal best on the sand, ten laps is the new number to beat. A couple of lovely nights of cosy sleep. Lots and lots of sunshine and bright blue skies. Seeing my boys muck around together on the sand. The Swannies winning the AFL Grand Final. Sewing sweet creations, by special request, for good friends. A tasty lunch and glass of wine with two of my boys, while the other slept peacefully in his pram. And my favourite part... watching these two all brotherly and loved up, sharing an old school dixie cup of vanilla icecream, by the beach. Loving!

*Thank you so much for all the lovely comments following my last post. So nice to receive such understanding and thoughtful words of wisdom. 


  1. It was real ice cream weather here today...sweet seeing you little guys sharing like that.Sounds like you are enjoying some lovely family times. xx

  2. Lovely photos - your boys are just gorgeous. Ice creams here for us too. Elaina xo

  3. So, so, so much to love there!
    Glad you had such a magic weekend.
    :-) xx

  4. Dixie Cups!! I remember them!
    Cute pics of the boys J.

  5. The pix of the boys sharing icecream is just priceless! Congrats on your personal best too.

  6. Sounds perfect, especially the ice cream part;) x


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