Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Sometimes I feel like the crankiest, snappiest, bossiest Mama in the world. Lately, I've been feeling this way often. Last night, after I hustled the boys off to sleep, I beat myself up about the amount of yelling I'd done throughout the evening. But it's a case of me needing to realise that boys will be boys, kids will be kids and Mama's will be Mama's. That ALL parents yell and nag and get annoyed with their children. It's a really, really hard job. Today I witnessed a mother lovingly chatting and laughing with her toddler in one breath and in the next, frustratedly grabbing him and snapping in a harsh tone. It summed things up nicely for me. Because on any given day, that is me. For all the shouting and lecturing, there are dozens of loving and tender moments... just depends at what stage I look at it.

And then sometimes, it's all about the pretty. These things were making me smile today:

* My gorgeous new scarf, a thoughtful early birthday gift from a beautiful friend. Thank you, beautiful friend. 
* The latest Clinique 'gift time' collection... the deep comfort hand & cuticle cream is by far the best I've ever used.
* Three new Spring tops I purchased with a Myer gift voucher... this birdie design is my absolute favourite of the bunch.
* Annnd... Angus' jeans, post preschool. Apparently, Will did it. Whoever did it, I eventually chose to see the funny side and appreciate how pretty they look.


  1. Oh Jules. Motherhood is such a tough gig, isn't it? You are so not alone, Sweetie. I would love to call you tomorrow - will you be home? J x

  2. That's exactly how I feel most of the time! It's like I'm the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of mothers. After having a really horrible evening of yelling at the 11 yr old because he was complaining about helping around the house, I really needed to read this. I'm off to find my things that made me smile today.

  3. Oh I'm loving that scarf, and those jeans, definately designer.x

  4. The scarf is such a pretty colour and I'm sure the jeans are completely on-trend!!!
    I feel like schizo mum sometimes....all ok (like a tv family) and then suddenly...BAM!..., mean mummy(they just know those buttons!)

  5. Lovin the pretties...your a top Mumma Jules and oh so normal xx

  6. I'm forever yelling & nagging at teenage kids but I know they get it because when they see other mums let their kids get away with murder they criticise them for being too slack or too soft, so at the end of the day your kids will know that a good mum is one that instills the right values even if it does take a lot of nagging and yelling to get it all to sink in!!
    PS looks like you've had some fun with a few little indulgences!

  7. Oh it is hard sometimes isn't it. Good to focus on the positive though. Lovely goodies Jules. xx

  8. Can't be good cop all the time. I've been more grouchy the last couple of weeks due to sickness. Love your pretty things, nice to see Clinique change from their signature bluey/green colour to this happy floral print :-D
    Mel xx

  9. I hear you. I feel like that half the time too! Nice new scarf!

  10. Oh nice! great little list here. THe jeans are a limited edition that for sure, nothing wrong with that mum!x

  11. Don't worry, I have days like that ALL the time! Boys are hard work. I'm off to a Kindy excursion today so who knows what mood I'll be in by tonight lol.
    Love your new scarf and top - and those jeans definitely look like designer jeans hehe! Toddlers would pay big money for jeans like those...you might be on to something ;)


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