Monday, August 13, 2012


So it looks like we've reached that stage I have heard about, read about, but not yet experienced. My inquisitive and increasingly independent four and a half year old, needs school. It has gradually snuck up on me, but the last couple of months have proved I am battling to offer all he is craving. Week by week I feel as though I'm just treading water, to get by. I was sure this wouldn't be a problem for us. I always thought I'd have no troubles keeping one little boy captivated and entertained. But my word, does he like to keep busy. All. the. time.

And the activities Felix enjoys, often don't cut it either. Angus has informed me that "there are too many babies" at playgroup, where he loved going for almost four years. I'm partly excited by his enthusiasm and partly drained by the whole scenario. I wish I could organise another day of preschool each week or keep coming up with a constant string of fun, interactive, educational experiences for him. The truth is, he is just growing up and whilst Mama does her best, this little bird wants to fly. The countdown is on for big school. And whilst it will break my heart to watch him go, it will relieve me somewhat, to see him getting the stimulation he requires. 

Last week we went on tour and tried a new playgroup, with a friend. There were LOTS of babies... but enough new distractions to keep Angus amused. WIN!


  1. I am hearing you Julie.. Same thing here too... Finding it hard to keep the stimulation going, good on you for finding play groups for your youngest... It seems my youngest just gets to do all Ella's activities..x

  2. It's great that you can recognise this stage Julie. I found it overwhelming too and likewise our oldest didn't want to participate in activities that his little brother was also doing. School was a god-send and our boy thrived in a way that I couldn't provide.

  3. Oh I am almost dreading this happening at my house! I remember my mum telling me how devastated sh was when I started school but that I just wasnt happy at home anymore and she had to do something! I ended up starting school at 3! Thank goodness I know children can't start school that young anymore - it guarantees a bit more precious time at home!

    I hope that the new playgroup is a success! :)

  4. I'm with you. Stooge is turning 5 in about 2 weeks and this last few months before school starts is going to be tough. It seems he needs to be 'doing' something at all times!! Our week as a consequence has become a little focused on him and I found it tricky to say the least. So I came up with a plan that seems to be working.....Monday - kindy, Tuesday - kindy, Wednesday - park with friends (take picnic, bikes, ropes, buckets etc ) Thursday - planned outing exploring sydney (a few so far..... powerhouse, monorail rides/china town lunch, darling harbour, bush walk, rock climbing, bowling, janolan caves, barenjoey lighthouse, swimming at olympic park + ryde pool) Friday - playgroup and fire pit friday
    Having a planned outing really gives us both a focus. Little Rouge enjoys the outings but can rest in the pram if she needs to. It's a day dedicated to HIM. I know in only 5 months we won't have much time at all to play, explore and just be free like we can now.
    Hoping you both get to enjoy the next 5 months, it'll be xmas before we know it!!
    Hang in there :)

  5. Good luck for the rest of the year, I'm sure you'll all manage beautifully!

  6. I know its been said before, but they grow so quickly don't they? My oldest is 2 this week and already challenging me. I think I have a steep learning curve ahead of me (but don't we all?)

  7. Such a difficult stage - for us Mums.
    I was worried that the kindy Magoo is enrolled in for 2013 was too much (4 full days compared to 3 everywhere else) - but I can now see that he will be just fine. (Me, however?!)
    It's like they leap into the next stage of childhood overnight sometimes.

    Feeling for you, Julie.

  8. Oh goodness they grow so quickly, and enter a new stage of life. Enjoy it! Embrace it! xoxo

  9. I'm really glad to hear this Jules - over here Ollie will start school when he's just turned four (he's July, he starts in Sept), which seems so young and so soon (next year). Hopefully though, if he's like Angus, he'll also be looking forward to it. I can only hope. In the meantime we need to try and savour these precious pre-school days while they last. xx

  10. It sneaks up on you doesn't it! Angus will love it and it will be the start of a new adventure for you all. Jasper is starting school too next year and I am already dreading it (he still seems so little).So I'm just not thinking about it :) xx

  11. As the co ordinator of our playgroups we see it all the time...the transition between a little person and the pull to being ready for school...such a sad thing to see them become to old for playgroup but exciting to see them become ready for happens all too fast. xx


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