Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I half expected a wildlife 'Zoo' located in the heart of the city might be a little average. And our visit to the one in Darling Harbour today confirmed it for me. The boys seemed to thoroughly enjoy the time we were there, but it left me feeling a tad downhearted. For the animals. Taronga Zoo used to have the same effect on me, pre the multi million dollar renovations. Wild animals crammed into confined spaces just doesn't seem right. So we shuffled and squeezed through each section. In the Zoo's defence, it is very nicely set up with the area they do have to work with.

As a result, not too many photos snapped during our visit. But I did manage to spy these stunning creations in the tropical enclosure, just after we stepped inside the gate. So precious and lovely, delicate and small. I was pretty stoked to actually capture such close ups before they flitter-fluttered away through their artificial home. 

Joining in with Faith Hope & a whole lotta Love for 'Snap It' and this week's topic of: Small. 


  1. Lovely pics of those brilliant butterflies.

  2. so beautifully small and delicate

  3. That is a shame about the zoo but your photos are lovely xx

  4. Lovely, the top photo is beautiful.

  5. They are gorgeous! I love butterflies....
    But a big yukky brown moth...freak out time! Funny, they are almost the same really, but I love the way butterflies flutter around softly.

  6. Hmmmm yes, that 'zoo' in darling Harbour worries me too...
    Lovely butterfly pics though, as they're always so tricky to capture!


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