Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Twenty Three Months

In less than a month, my baby will be two. I started this blog when he was just five months old and I feel like this has been the best possible record of his first two years that I could ever have. I can't quite believe how quickly the months have flown, but this only acts as a reminder to savour them, for everything they are. My lovely boy is becoming so independent of late. Putting things away, helping Scott and I around the house, making us laugh with his cheeky sense of humour. Sure, he is feisty and wild and downright frustrating. He can push me to the brink and back again at times. But on the whole, he's an absolute delight. And as I've always said with Angus... I could have a dozen boys like him and still want more. But I'm grateful for just one. He's so very special to us. For a long (jealous) time there, I thought I'd never be able to say this... but these two are now like two peas in a pod.

Looking very Incredible Hulk like, busting out of his SIZE 2 Charley Bear onesie... obviously a small make.


  1. Cute pj's. I'm sure they will be best of friends for years & years. My kids say they 'hate' each other but they spent endless hours of playing & laughing & scheming - they would be lost (&totally bored) without each other!


  2. Oh he is so gorgeous, actually both boys are! Time flies doesn't it and it is so wonderful that you have a record of his life so far to look back on and enjoy. xx

  3. Love pj clad poppets post bath and ready for bed. Happy almost 2!!!

  4. Gorgeous boys! Love a freshly bathed babe xx

  5. Gorgeous pics. What brotherly love!


  6. They look so adorable in those onsies! It's so great that they get to grow up together...they will always have each other :)

  7. It's been such a pleasure watching your gorgeous twosome grow Julie...they share such a special bond that radiates in your images :)

  8. Just gorgeous.
    What an adorable pair.
    Enjoy it all.
    :-) xx

  9. Oh how cute are they!!! I can't believe he'll be two!! Time flies!


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