Monday, June 4, 2012

Give it away... NOW! Winners & Bonus

There was mild excitement this evening, as we drew the winners of my 'Give It Away... NOW!' packs. I love how seriously my four year old assistant took the task. Thank you so much to all the lovely readers who entered... I was overwhelmed by the kind, sweet words I received. It is always really difficult to only have a couple of winners, so this time I created a 'bonus' prize.

Typo are having their mid-year sale and I stumbled on a groovy three pack of pens and the cutest sticky notes. Naturally, I snapped up some for myself, but thought another set would go nicely with a pair of Marie Claire platters.

So the winners are:

The Women's Weekly COOK book & Set of two Marie Claire platters - Corinne @ Daze of my life
Kikki K Sketch Pad & Set of three matching pens + Typo Birdie Stamp & pad - At Number 32
BONUS prize - Shar @ Mum on the Run

Please email me with an address to send your winnings girls, thanks.


  1. Oh yay, yay, yay! Thankyou so much, I can't wait to stamp away with the kids :) I love the look of his face too hehe.

  2. Congrats to the winners! Love your little helpers :)

  3. wow, I am so sorry I missed that one! what awesome prizes!! if only i hadnt been on a break lately!! you re helper is just way too cute!!
    laura xx

  4. Gah, how did I miss this?!

    Congrats ladies!

  5. Hey, that's me. :-)
    I was thinking how typically gorgeous and generous it was of you to create the bonus prize - even before I realised that I had won it!!!
    Thank you, Julie.

  6. Woo to the hoo! You have made my day! Thanks so much Julie, so, so kind and generous! x


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