Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Giants & Jumping

There's a never-ending supply of thoughts and ideas, flowing through the mind of a four year old. As one phase goes out, another comes in. The world of make-believe takes centre stage, with talk of wizards and magic, dinosaurs and... giants. Angus has a total pre-occupation with giants at the moment. He tells all sorts of stories about the mythical creatures. They "have hairy legs like Daddy... they're loud... and they are not allowed inside". Because naturally, they are giants. Last week, over dinner, I noticed him inspecting the ceiling in our kitchen. After some minutes, he revealed that indeed a giant "may actually fit in that room of our house... as the roof is pretty tall in there". I am fascinated by the extent of his imagination at present, it keeps me on the hop constantly.

His other obsession, is more of a physical one. The boy loves to jump. Onto things, over things, off things. This is a phase I feel may be here to stay for a while. Any opportunity to scale a set of stairs, climb a small fence or wall and shoot to the top of play equipment, is conquered with great enthusiasm. And whilst it makes me wince in anticipation of the pain that may be felt, I do find it quite amusing too. He is such a boy and some urges are obviously far too great to control. So I'll be on standby, at the ready, for come what may and just let those grey hairs take over my whole head. 


  1. The mind of a child is an awesome thing.
    But the bravado and speed - slightly more scary!!!
    :-) xxxx

  2. It doesn't stop at childhood either Julie...it seems our two big boys almost 18 and 20 like to jump about as much as they did as youngsters :)
    How I love the imagination of this age group.

  3. How fun! it looks like a glorious day.

  4. Love the giants, given you and Scotty are so tall, I wonder how tall giants are in his imagination!

  5. Hilarious - I have two boys here who are just the same! If they can climb it, they will! If they can jump off it, all the better!

  6. I love my kids imaginations too, they are so amazing and unspoiled and limitless. Your Angus sounds gorgeous!
    I have two younger brothers, and they were utter nutters as kids, climbing everything and jumping off all sorts of things. There were a few broken bones. It was like a compulsion, one I could not understand. My almost 3 year old daughter has just discovered how much fun it is to jump into the swimming pool, but she has extended it everywhere now......I hope this is a (quick!) phase she is going through. Otherwise, count me in the grey hairs like you, ok?


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