Friday, November 9, 2012

Festive Range

Just more of the same this week. Busy Mama, busy boys, busy Dada, busy house. Angus had his orientation for big school on Wednesday and I was remarkably less nervous than I thought I'd be. Nostalgic, emotional... yes. Nervous, no. I was proud of him and how he took it all on board with a smile and unbridled enthusiasm. I have no doubt come the end of January, I'll be a wreck. But for now, we're all excited and looking forward to the next chapter. The guys have almost finished the kitchen and yard. All that remains to be completed are the splash-backs in the kitchen... an integral part of the overall aesthetics, because currently it's an ugly space, full of holes and gyprock. I have been cooking up a storm however and loving my new appliances and huge amount of bench space. Scott has been in Melbourne on work and I managed to squeeze in a dinner with my mother's group gals last night when he got home, always a great night out.

The other thing keeping this Mama extra busy is my little Button Tots business. Absolutely loving creating new pieces, whipping up custom designs and delivering finished products to some beautiful customers and supporters. I am in no way ready for Christmas... though my range tells a different story. Button Tots now has a small selection of festive singlets, onesies and tees just in time for the lead up to December twenty five... and some cuties to model themSo much fun!


  1. The kids look so cute - that little girl has the most adorable doe eyes & those eyelashes are to die for!
    Melissah from Coastal Style

  2. Full steam ahead there!!
    I hope you have a quieter week on the horizon.
    Your Chrissie creations are just gorgeous.

  3. Lovely Jules - your models are gorgeous. Hope your busy house slows down a little before the Christmas onslaught. x

  4. I just liked your facebook page! oh my....those eyelashes, how amazing!!!!! xox

  5. Love these Jules! Clever clog. I want to know more about your Reno as I am moving in that direction. Will there be before and after shots? I am popping over to see your range x

  6. These are so cute, Jules. I will need to find a little one to get one fro! x

  7. I LOVE the seame Street one! So CUTE J. So Proud of you with your business xoxox
    Looking forward to seeing your place when it's all done.

  8. So cute x
    Seriously can't believe christmas is just around the corner x

  9. Adorable work Julie. You are doing so well!


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