Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sands Of Time

It's hard to believe we are back in school holiday mode, following a rather difficult last few weeks of term two. We lost a good friend suddenly just over a month ago. A remarkable human being, the husband of our beautiful friend and father of two delightful children, who are so close to my boys. Within days of the tragic news of our mate's passing, my own amazing Mum was admitted to a nursing home. What was a gradual deterioration in her health, all of a sudden became quite rapid. I have heard of that type of thing happening, but it has always been to someone else, or someone else's family. The stark and incredibly harsh reality when it is one of your own, a person so intrinsically linked to everything you have ever been and known, is almost too much to bare. Whilst it is still raw, early days, my family and I are endeavouring to come to grips with the new "normal". Even when everything feels painfully abnormal. In between moments of crippling sadness, I am immersing myself in the beautiful family Scott and I have created. The days are long and often not easy when raising children, but I am determined to find something positive in each new day. Taking photos of the things that make my heart soar is getting me through right now. Today, it was our picnic lunch, play at the park and wave watching on our breathtaking coastline. And I'm pretty sure the kidlets enjoyed themselves too. 

(I have started up my Instagram account again, after a long hiatus and would love to follow any of my readers who are also on there. Please feel free to leave your account name in the comments or send me a quick message if you can. I am there as @all4.love, please join me). 


  1. Difficult times, take care.
    It is lovely to have family to distract from the difficult. How can seeing those beautiful faces not make you smile xx

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your sad news. Family and good friends are so very precious. Thinking of you xxx

  3. Sorry to read that life has been tough. Be kind to yourself and staying positive can be difficult but it is important. Hope you have lots of external support around you too. Xxxx

  4. So sorry to hear about your tough few weeks Julie. Big hugs. I hope your family time can make things feel a little better xx


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