Tuesday, May 5, 2015


My delightful girl. How is it possible that we have muddled our way through your first year of life? You arrived in our lives at a tumultuous time, but add to that turmoil, you did not. More so you were (and are) a shining beacon of light and hope. A beautiful piece of something I always wanted, yet didn't realise that fact, until they placed you in my arms. And you have brought us all nothing but joy ever since.

Your first birthday was a magic celebration. Overflowing with loving family and dear friends. Colour and noise, laughter and tears...mainly from your Mama, but of course they were happy tears of pride and gratitude. You behaved so very unlike yourself throughout the party. Quiet and reserved. Taking it all in, a near impossibility to crack even the slightest smile from your sweet face. It was a tad overwhelming for our wee Bonza...the name your Daddy and I have affectionately called you since the days when all you did was snuggle. But you still are THE BEST little snuggler. And on your first birthday, I was blessed with plenty of those, as you perched on my hip and carefully observed everyone gather around, to celebrate you and soak up the happiness you have brought to our world.

By the time we got home, you were back to your usual busy self. Pottering (yes, you did walk *just* before your first birthday!) around, getting into things, chattering and most importantly, smiling your wide, eight-toothed smile. What a year it was. One that tested and taught, overwhelmed and inspired, gifted and stole. Your sparkle was the constant that kept me going, because that's what babies (and children alike) do for a family. You have to keep on keeping on and that is a really good thing. My little ray of sunshine darling girl, you are One

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  1. She is gorgeous....amazing how they can bring do much joy just at the right times...happy birthday to you cute little one xxx


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