Friday, May 15, 2015

After The Storm

A few weeks back we experienced a once in a decade weather event. It was the mother of all storms and lasted for the best part of two weeks. Crazy strong winds and an absolute deluge of rain. Our local park saw a pretty significant sized tree unearthed at the roots, much to the delight of the kids in the neighbourhood (perfect cubby house opportunity). And strangely enough, our area wasn't even close to being the worst affected.

One place that really did bear the brunt of the wild and woolly conditions was the beach. Literally tonnes of sand was lifted and blown every which way. Coming to rest on footpaths, grassed reserves and even inside beachfront dwellings. So the operation undertaken to reconstruct the beach was somewhat mammoth. I have not seen anything like the number of diggers, tractors and every other type of earthmover in the same space all working at once. Let alone on a (usually) populated beach. Thinking the littlies would get a kick out of the display of action, we wandered on down for a peek. Felix was in a bit of a mood and seemed more interested in what we would pickup for lunch. And Bon Bon was just content with the breeze on her face and the sun shining down. So I think the 'big' kid ended up gaining the most satisfaction from our little adventure.


  1. The storms were incredible weren't they? Love the look on your little girls face- what could be better that sand on your hands!

  2. Oh my goodness - you have a new little person. <3 how beautiful :)

  3. OMG Julie - there is a wee pink one in the mix now. CONGRATULATIONS hun xx


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