Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sunrise... over the beaches

The boys were quite the early risers during our holiday. Every. single. morning. of our holiday. The non-existence of daylight savings in Queensland completely threw them. So it was 5am starts for us and more than a few tantrums brought on by tiredness. But on our last morning on the road, we finally took full advantage of the early start, heading down to Sapphire Beach on the Coffs Coast. The resort we stayed at had private access to this stunning little beach. And we watched the sun rise. The boys, pyjama clad, cooled their toes, as they played chasings with the waves. One of my absolute favourite moments of our trip. One I'll remember always. 


  1. Bet they'll always remember it too Jules. Just beautiful and I have serious beach holiday envy down here :-) Mel x

  2. It looks so beautiful, lovely memories.

  3. Your photos are awesome but 5am starts? Not so much. I can't believe how big the Mandrake is getting! Good to see you in the photos too - we mums need to do more of that! Happy holidays x

  4. 5am starts - OUCH! Funny how kids like to throw us a curve ball when it is supposed to be a holiday. Looks like you had an amazing time Jules, those photo's show some amazing memories that you created.

  5. Oh - beautiful.
    In so many ways.
    Good on you for making the most of a painful start to each holiday day!!

    One day we will be dragging them out of their beds - or so I'm told!
    :-) xx

  6. The ocean is nothing but medicine for the soul. Those photos of the sun are beautiful. xx

  7. Oh Julie, these photos are just fabulous! My favourite is the thongs in the foreground, and the ocean and sunrise in the background.

    I love that instead of trying to sleep longer, that you embraced the early morning. What a lot of wonderful new memories you now have! Happy new year beautiful girl. I'm off to do some more visiting. It's been a while ;) x

  8. These are stunning I can see why they will remain a memory for you. Happy Holidaying. xxx

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