Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Big HOT Day Out

Friday was HOT in Sydney. The hottest day on record. It reached forty five degrees where we live and I know it exceeded that temperature in certain parts of the city. Crazy. And it just so happened that Scott and I had tickets to the Big Day Out. We are huge fans of The Killers and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, so we could not let this festival slip by. It was my first Big Day Out and I certainly waited long enough to experience it. We had more than a few good chuckles at ourselves for getting out and amongst the thousands of scantily clad young ones... oldies that we are. But in that boiler room, with the DJ doing his thing, the music pumping, lights flashing, ferris wheel spinning, I felt eighteen again. And it was pretty bloody wonderful. My feet didn't thank me, for grinding them into the ground dancing. Sometimes you've just got to unleash that inner youth. Oh and the headline acts did not disappoint, definitely worth the years we've waited to see them live. 


  1. It must have been sweltering with all those people. I haven't been to a BDO for many years but I have seen the RHCP and they totes rock! Glad you had such a fun date x

  2. How amazing would that have been! Must have been a stinker of a hot day around all those smelly dancing bodies too! You two are such ravers!!!

  3. Good for you two for getting out and amongst it - no doubt bustin' out some groovy dance moves!
    What a HOT one though, but judging by the photo's, it was totally worth it.
    Sometimes you just have find that inner youth and dance like no one is watching!

  4. Look at you - it may have been hot but you guys are some totally cool cats. My hubby and I were talking about everyone at big Day out on that stinker of a day and wondering how on earth everyone was coping out there. Glad you had so much fun despite the heat xx

  5. Good on you, glad it was a great day!

  6. That's a sizzling date!!
    So glad you had a ball - BDO style
    :-) x

  7. Love it J! Love it! Go You and Scotty xoxo

  8. Oh you rebel you! We went to see Ed Sheeran recently and you know you're old when your hubby has to put his glasses on to see the stage! Glas you had fun... love Mummy Mania

  9. Looks awesome but oh my god ... you did well to dance so hard in 45 degree heat.. good on you!
    (Coastal Style)


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