Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Twenty Twelve

I am so incredibly behind when it comes to recording our precious memories, here on this blog. December flew by in a heart beat and there were lots and lots of special moments. Christmas Day was a funny one, as it was the first in which I didn't see a single member of my own family. We spent the day with Scott's family, which was lovely, but coming from such a large brood and remembering the Christmas celebrations of old, made me feel quite nostalgic. There was lots of cheer however, despite the continuous fall of rain and chilly temperature. Very un-Christmas like.
Though nothing, can beat the buzz of excitement created by our beautiful boys. They really made Christmas and that means everything to me. 


  1. How gorgeous, Julie.
    Yep - the kids TOTALLY make my day too.
    For the first time in many years, I had a blood relative here on Christmas Day (my cousin) so I can understand that pull of your own family traditions and times - when in the midst of Hubby's family.
    I hope 2013 has started brilliantly for you and your boys.

  2. We were just by ourselves this Christmas and as much as our respective families drive us troppo I would have like to have some extras around. Your boys look mighty impressed with Santa's looty. Love big boys on bikes! Happy New Year Jules. xxx

  3. Ah boys and their bikes! Hope you had a lovely Christmas. xo


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