Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sans Clothes

At the moment, I despair when it comes to dressing Felix. As soon as I get clothes on, he's taking them off. He's as keen as mustard for toilet training, which is good, but we're yet to have any breakthrough in the actual 'toilet' training. More so, a love of racing around the house without pants and a nappy, perching on the pot for a few seconds... then bouncing off to do it all again. Delighted is an understatement. The stripping isn't just reserved for home either. Without fail, shoes and socks are removed and hurled, within minutes of getting into the stroller. So embarrassing in these Winter months, having little pink toes all bare and frosty, for everyone to see. But, I battle... and return them to his chubby feet countless times... until we're finally back in the car and I can give up. And the baby monkey is sick again! Sure, it could be the overwhelming need to share EVERYTHING with his big sick brother. Though I tend to think running around sans clothes in July, doesn't help.

Weary little eyes... but still managing to cause a commotion instead of getting dressed.


  1. awww, how can you get cross with such a cute (and clearly cheeky) face! x

  2. Awww adorable. I remember that stage. I used to have to crank up the heating as Emmy would insist on taking her clothes off. Come to think of it she still does. We had a little nudey dance performance after the bath tonight. I was going to say they grow out of it but maybe not! Well hopefully by time they're teenagers!

  3. Hee hee.
    Such a cuteie!!
    But a cold cutie!
    :-) xx

  4. Oh god, I can totally relate.

    Teddy is the same, trying to dress him is like trying to thread a needle. It's so hard and I often get kicks in the neck, face, boobs etc.

    I'm so over it to be honest. I hope it's just a phase? for the both of us!!


  5. Roll on summer when he can do the nudey dance all day every day! My youngest is 9 and although he doesn't strip in public he regularly jumps in the car ahead of me only to find out when we get to our destination that he is wearing a Tshirt or shorts! The danger of him being a little older is that I forget to check him before we leave the house. I looked like mother of the year last night pulling up in the cold dark night for mass with Gareth dressed for a day on the beach! The older ladies shaking their heads and laughing as he sat next to his sisters and myself cuddled in for warmth! Enjoy these things they do. They will be big teenagers before we know!

  6. Just adorable J.
    If it makes you feel any better I've been out somewhere a few times and realized my girls aren't wearing undies, or we get home and they've left them at their friends house! Not kidding.
    Have you seen the three day toilet training program? Let me know if you want me to send it through.

  7. What is it with boys and running around naked? They think it's hilarious :) Hope he's not too sick xx


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