Sunday, July 8, 2012

Love Supreme

Yesterday was a tedious day. The weather of late has meant we're restricted to many indoor days at home. Which I mostly don't mind, but at times the old patience does wear thin. We got through though and by the time Scott arrived home from golf, I had two weary boys fed and bathed and dozing off to sleep. Then, it was Mama's time. My lovely friend Tab picked me up and we headed out to a delicious pizza restaurant in Paddington, called Love Supreme (I was quite taken with the name). A couple of vino's and lots of conversation later, we wandered down the road and took in a gripping foreign film. Such a fun and relaxing night, after a less than relaxing day.

Today, I put my Master Chef hat on and whipped up a plate of Brandy Snaps with a ricotta and fresh cream filling. There was a wee family celebration at my in-law's place, for Scott's little brother and his new fiance. After almost three years, they are finally engaged and we all couldn't be happier. Such a nice Sunday afternoon, enjoying a BBQ lunch and numerous glasses of champagne... and a few sweets too. No wonder I am so incredibly tired tonight.


  1. Some lovely remedies for cabin fever there! :-)

  2. Sounds wonderful to me! We get a bit of the old cabin fever over winter here with our two big dogs being indoors all the time! The play-wrestling gets a bit much when they're flying all over the living room having a grand old time when we're trying to watch a movie!! Roll on Spring! :) xo K

  3. You had me at Brandy Snaps!!! Cant believe you are clever enough to make these!

    Congrats to the new couple too! And how good is a night out after a crap day with the small people? You totes deserve it Julie!

  4. Brandy snaps, my favorite!!! Looks like a great weekend. Happy Monday!

  5. What a lovely weekend. I daresay cabin fever will set in here too now that the holidays are here.
    Those brandy snaps look great Julie, I haven't made them in quite a few years now.
    Congrats to the happy couple.
    Hope you and your boys manage some days out this week.

  6. Oh J, a night out sounds just lovely. So great that you got this!
    Love it when you put your masterchef hat on, they look devine!

  7. I love Love Supreme! Sounds like a perfect escape from the usual business.

    Have a great week.


  8. I don't think I should have read this post this close to dinner time..I could easily eat both the pizza and the brandy snaps, they look delicious. I can understand why you feel so tired though with such a busy social life.

  9. Oh sounds like the perfect night out, how fun! And your brandy snaps look divine, clever lady! congratulations to the newly engaged! xx

  10. Brandy Snaps - very impressive! I remember my Mum making those for dinner parties when I was a child. She used to wrap them around a wooden spoon handle to get the shape. I've always been too scared to try.

  11. oh yummo! I hope you had a great night out..I always come home buzzing after a good girls night and find it hard to get to sleep..another food for the soul moment!;)x

  12. I LOVE nothing more than escaping once in a while once Max goes down.

    I feel like I'm driving off into a temporary sunset, & that just feels so bloody good :)

    And those brandy snaps by the way, remind me of my Nanna. They look AMAZING!

    I'm sorry I haven't read you in a while, I haven't been reading at all, my night shifts are absolutely taking it out of me, & there's been no time for anything other than just kicking on with a new day with not much sleep xx

  13. Oh you're making me miss Sydney Jules! I loved Love Supreme - such a nice atmosphere in there. And those brandy snaps - ummmm YUM! x


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