Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bunking Down

I should know by now, when a salesperson describes the assembly of an item as 'easy', never to believe them. Because they were his precise words when I purchased bunk beds for the boys. "Oh it's super easy... nothing like IKEA furniture". Threw in a little dig at IKEA while he could too. So the bunks were delivered this morning, all flat packed and neat. And three sessions, totalling five hours later, I finished those godforsaken beds. Three sessions, due to the mind warping tangle I found myself in, trying to build the frame. It was all kinds of crazy inside the three by two metre bedroom. And at many stages I thought I could literally go bananas. Missing two pages of the instructions certainly proved tricky. Thankfully, they were for the last part of the assembly and I kinda had the gist of it by then. So I winged the ladder and safety rail.

I do not know how the tradies do it. My back aches, arms are weak and hands cracked and sore. Though I am never one to back down from a challenge and I'm as stubborn as a mule when it comes to finishing something I start. They do look rather cool and I'll now add bunk beds to my list of flatpack furniture conquered. But by far the best part was seeing the look on the boy's faces. Priceless. Aches and pains and hours out of my day aside, it's worth it.


  1. well done, that is a mammoth effort! they do look good & what boy (or girl) doesn't love a bunk?

  2. Bunk beds do look good. Well done!

  3. Good job mama!! They look fabulous and I am sure the boys love them!! x

  4. Bunks are the best. Well done putting it together. Most impressive!

  5. Nice work.
    Hard damn work!
    Those beautiful boys of yours would have been rapt.
    The things we do for them - she says as she begins making 30+ superhero capes here!!
    :-) xx

  6. Oh Jules, you're a trooper. A super effort. I'd love to hear your verdict - we're going to get some for the boys and I'm keen to find some road-tested tips! J x

  7. High 5 mama!

    I do not build furniture. Full stop. It's a Dave job.

    My full respect to you!

    And bunk beds, wow! A rite of passage for children in my opinion :)

    My bunk bedd'ing days were some of my favourite memories with my sister :)

    I hope many happy memories are created xx

  8. I am so impressed! And am with Cherie - I do not build furniture either. So go you for doing it by yourself. I bet those boys will love having bunk beds - all those midnight feasts! x

  9. Oh My Goodness. Is Felix moving into a big bed?
    How exciting, Bunk Beds are fantastic, they just suck to put together - just ask Hubby he hated putting ours together!

  10. I cant believe you managed to put the bunks together by yourself! Well done! Furniture construction is always left in Darren's hands around here!


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