Friday, February 3, 2012

Stir Crazy

It has been virtually impossible not to contract a mild dose of cabin fever these past few days. Rain has steadily fallen since Wednesday and not a hint of sunshine in sight. If anything though, the boys have really impressed me with their behaviour, given the fact they're bottled up inside constantly. We exhausted the local Westfield play area in under twenty minutes yesterday. Crowded, squashy, limited. Those areas really are only designed for a quick pop in/pop out distraction to the task of shopping.

Then today, our arranged play date took an interesting turn, when my friend and I arrived kid laden, to a darkened, closed, indoor playland, with a notice stating 'Under New Management, currently being refurbished'... or some such nonsense. Not at all what we were wanting to see, as we stood all languid and soggy, under drizzling skies. Plan B, was back to our place, where the kids darted here and there, scattering toys and cushions and having a great old time playing together. Still no outdoor play, but the company, just what we needed, to break the stretch of monotony. I do love good friends, who come to the rescue like that.

So now, I continue to dream of those hot summery days, just three weeks ago... and my chubby bubbies plonked on their towels, in the raw, at the glorious Coolum Beach, Queensland. 


  1. WOW!

    I heard Sydney was having an atrocious downpour, but my GOODNESS!

    Hang in there!

    The sun HAS to be on its way :)

  2. J, you do an amazing job when mother nature is being so revolting!
    It's wet here too, at least I can stand in the rain to put one on the bus each day to occupy her at school, the others are getting used to wearing gumboots and playing in the mud with umbrellas!
    Come visit any time!!!!

  3. The sun will have to come out and eventually! And as I scrolled further down your post, there it was... in the smiles of your gorgeous boys! Hope things improve over the weekend! x

  4. Oh I do hope you get some good weather soon! maybe this weekend? xx

  5. You poor things.
    Winter is bad enough, without Summer being corrupted by yukky weather.
    I hope you get some sunshine - and vitamin D - soon.
    :-) x

  6. Oh I so know how you feel! When oh when is proper summer going to arrive?! x

  7. Hope the sun is shining in your little part of the world now xxox

  8. I understand!! we feel a little short-changed on summer down here as well and it doesn't look like its going to get better.

  9. Sending sunshine, we are over this rain too!!!!!!

  10. I feel for you poor queenslanders! Nothing worse then constant rain and even worse when you have little munchkins to try and entertain as well x

  11. Oh yes, we got to day 10 of non stop torrential rain in Brisbane in my husband's bachelor pad, with 7 more days of rain forecast & left. Swimming in the rain, walking the dog in the rain, it was annoying me more than anyone else!! But 4 children with none of their own toys, hmmm . . . at least it was warm?? You did well, love Posie


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