Monday, February 13, 2012

Five fun facts

The lovely Anna over at Green Tea n Toast kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award over the weekend. I am normally fairly average at fulfilling these ones, but as it's only five relatively little known facts about me, I have this one sorted. Thank you Anna for the compliment.

* On one of our first dates to the movies, I fainted on Scott. Out cold for what he describes as "an eternity", but was actually only about thirty seconds. Apparently many things ran through his mind... the popcorn was poisoned... she's had a seizure... how am I going to explain to her parents I let her die at the movies?! I just don't do gore and violence in my movies and The Way Of The Gun definitely wasn't the right choice for me.

* In complete contradiction to my previous fact, I can't get enough of Tv shows Dexter, Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad. All brilliantly written and produced. They're among my favourite series... needles to say I don't watch the gory bits.

* Love the smell of bacon cooking... won't touch it with a ten foot pole to eat. Strange.

* Today I secured tickets to Lady Gaga's Born This Way tour. Never thought I'd be going to a Lady Gaga concert, but absolutely can't wait. The gal's got serious talent.

* Although I'm a big girl now, I still can't go past the swings at the park. I secretly love when there is a spare one, so I can have a go. Something about that butterfly feeling in my tummy, the wind in my face and the memory of childhood days just gets me every time.

Now to pass the honour on to five other bloggers I love to read... and they may choose or choose not to take part, no pressure ladies:

Veronica@ Mama Jots


  1. Naaaaw thanks sweets...I'm a fan of the swings too. Especially the ones that were at Australia's Wonderland. It felt like I was flying!
    Will try to come up with 5 things to share. Thanks again lovely x

  2. Thanks Julie, that will give me mojo for a post tomorrow...GAGA tickets.... jealous right NOW!!!! xxx

  3. you are too cute. thanks julie. i can't believe you secured tickets. i heard that it would be near impossible. i love your movie story. i did laugh. will get working on my 5 facts over the weekend. hugs. xo.

  4. I love the swings as well! Flying higher and higher. I like the wind in my hair and the rush of getting really high!

  5. Well that was one date you will never forget!
    The swings are funny for me - I used to love them but recently they have made me feel a bit giddy.
    And GAGA for GAGA - well done you!

  6. lovely photo of you Jules, I love the swings! And they are my favourite shows too!!!! xx

  7. So lovely to see you in that last shot, Jules! Precious. J x

  8. Oh, how funny you passed out at the movies...I mean not for you but the whole situation!! I too can't eat bacon but love the smell when someone at the park is cooking it and jump on the swings and get the legs pumping...and do the midflight jump off if no one is looking;)

    Thanks for the hand over I will have a think and post some tomorrow...x

  9. Oh my gosh you are going to LOVE Lady Gaga! I have seen her live twice and she is a serious babe. And her voice live is amazing! And the piano, that girl can play! And SO WITTY!

    Ok enough about my Gaga gaga... I too love the swings, for all the same reasons.

    Lovely to know a little bit more about you lovely. xo

  10. I had an old boyfriend at uni who used to describe swinging like the 'wind whistling through his insides'! I love it too! Will totes kick my kids off so I can have a turn. I still love that point that you get to where you feel like if you went any higher you would flip right over the bar in a complete 360!

  11. Hee hee - you certainly made an impression on Scott - swooning so convincingly like that!
    I went to Gaga's last 'Monsterball' concert in Perth. Once I got over the shock of seeing tiny little girls in tiny little clothes out past MY bedtime, it was absolutely brilliant.
    BTW, her usual support act (Semi Precious Weapons) are insane!!! In the 'what the ...?' way!

  12. Congrats on your award dearest one, I can't do those movies either. Love swings too we always had one made from rope onto an old tree and game was who could swing the highest and grab a branch cazy kids. Lady Gaga great music my daughter will be so jealous all sold out for her. Sunday morning bacon I couldn't live without. So lovely to be back visiting you my friend I have missed seeing your wonderful posts and have enjoyed catching up with them all. Hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day.

    Always Wendy xo

  13. Well deserved Jules! Love your blog and your boys are the cutest. Lovely facts about yourself too. And that pic is fab.
    Have a great Valentine's Day. x

  14. Thanks so much J. Feeling special to have it passed on!
    Great photo too!

  15. Me too - I don't like gory movies, I also love the smell of cooking bacon but love to eat it as well, you can always find me on a swing in a park and good on you for going to see Lady Gaga - when you have a sixteen yer old Lady Gaga fan I feel I am too old to be into the same thing!
    Melissah from Coastal Style

  16. Lady Gaga? Awesome! Those sunglasses are pretty cool too. Have a super day!

  17. That's inspired me - must get organsied and go to more concerts....... oh, and i love the swings too!

  18. Oh, you're SO cute! I love that you don't have a strong stomach. Best to stick with what you know! And Lady Gaga? You go girl!

    I struggle to walk past an empty swing too.

    It must the little girl inside methinks! xx


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