Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Absent Slumber

For the past week or so, night time has been a blur around here. Felix waking anywhere between midnight and three thirty, screaming and inconsolable. I've lost count of the number of times I've been kicked, head-butted or slapped by the full force of a restless, half asleep 19 month old. One thing is certain, it takes it's toll. Last night I had literally laid down for half a minute when the all too familiar bellow rang out from the next room. As a result, this morning felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. Snapping, yelling, scowling at my beautiful boys. Not at all, how this Mama wants to be.

During times like these, the best description for how I feel, is hopeless. Everything seems darker, harder, more pitiful. Of course, it is not. More so a cruel by-product of sleep deprivation. I flatly refuse to let negative moods consume me. It may be found in the smallest things, but I always manage to drag myself out of the dumps. Today was no exception. Preschool drop off was a delight. I met Will AND Will's Mama. Angus was as pleased as punch. And so was I. Just the kind of feel good moment I needed.

Then at the last minute, much to my shock and disbelief, I was able to secure a morning appointment with our doctor. Felix has had a lingering cough for weeks now and if it had anything to do with his recent sleep problems, I needed to know. He received the all clear, which is great. No antibiotics required, even better. So I'm hoping my investment in a bottle of Demazin (Doctors recommendation) might be the answer to a more restful night's sleep from here on. At least there is hope, a nice change from the start of the day.

Being all butter-wouldn't-melt-in-my-mouth at the doctors was tiring


  1. After all of that I hope you get a sound night's sleep tonight Julie.
    Melissah from Coastal Style

  2. Oh, what a bugger. Funny little creatures, so many phases and things we go through as parents...fingers crossed for tonight!!x

  3. J, you poor thing! I hope you managed to slip a nap in today as well while Angus was at preschool!
    Hope Felix starts to feel better soon and the Demazin works it's magic!

  4. Oh lov, hope he settles back to a good sleep pattern soon...hate lack of sleep it brings the nasty Mumma out in me :/

  5. I think it was kicking his mama in the head all night that was the tiring part! I have shitty sleepers too Julie and every now and then that lack of sleep really does catch up on you and you feel like you are turning into the she-devil! Glad you had a wee bright moment in your day. And totally drug him tonight so you can sleep yourself!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh you poor thing.
    Sleep deprivation is absolute cruelty.
    You can see why it is literally a form of torture.

    Pssst. Demazin knocks a certain little Magoo into a lovely slumber when given the call up occasionally. Our doc also suggested it before he was two years of age.

    Here's to some zzzzz over there tonight.
    :-) xx

  7. Oh Sweetheart. I feel your pain. I can't even post about the whole sleep topic - it's too painful. Have you thought about doing the residential stay with Tresillian? I did it with Joshie and India and the nurses were brilliant. It was so wonderful to get that much-needed support and catch up on some sleep! J x

  8. sleep deprivation is the pits. We live it continually. Hoping you had a better night last night.

    Look at that gorgeous pic of your little man. xx

  9. Sometimes is hard to be a mother. I hope you will have better nights.

  10. Sorry to hear about your sleep troubles. It's so hard to handle some times isn't it? Especially when you can't see an end in sight. Hope you had a better night last night and hope Felix sorts it out soon. xx

  11. hope sleeping gets better for you soon. It will eventually, but I know when you are in this sleepless haze there seems to be no way to get out.
    I assure you it WILL happen.
    hope things improve with the boys J.
    Hugs to you for a bit of sleep & a better day tomorrow ♥

  12. Oh Hun I hope that by now Felix is well andtruly on the mend and you are getting some Catch up sleep. There is nothing worse than trying to function on no sleep. For me it is the worst kind of torture and stresses me out to no end. Xxx


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