Monday, June 8, 2015

Best (& easiest!) Banana Cake Ever!

We've created a habit here (or it seems I have set an expectation), for the boys to have a little afternoon treat, post school...every. day. More often than not, it consists of a Baker's Delight finger bun or store bought piece of cake or sometimes just a couple of Arnotts bikkies. But occasionally, I have time (& enthusiasm) to bake something from scratch, which is a nice surprise for all of us. I had one of those moments last week and fortunately, had to look no further than the fruit bowl for inspiration. Without a doubt the easiest, most delicious banana cake I have ever made. The vanilla icing really compliments the texture and flavour of the cake. Absolute winner with all the boys in the house...and with me too!

Best (& easiest) Banana Cake Ever!

125g butter
3/4 cup caster sugar 
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 egg
2 ripe bananas mashed
1 1/2 cups self-raising flour
1/4 cup milk

Melt the butter, sugar & vanilla in a medium sized saucepan
Remove from heat
Add mashed bananas & stir through until just blended
Add egg & mix in well. Stir in flour, add milk & mix lightly
Bake at 160 degrees (fan forced) for approximately 40 minutes.

Vanilla Icing

200g soft butter (or margarine)
1 1/4 cups of icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

Using an electric mixer, beat all ingredients together for 4 minutes or until light & fluffy.


  1. Yummy I think my guys will love this...thanks for sharing xxx

  2. Looks great. Banana cake can either be awesome or not so great. This one looks divine! Thanks :)

  3. Lovely easy recipe, I have a banana cake recipe but its lots of faff, thus one looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  4. My 10 year old loves cooking, and makes our cakes for school snacks! She can try this one out this week, I'm trying to save money so cooking things from scratch, and it's fun too! xoxo


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