Friday, April 26, 2013

Fits Best

Things have been decidedly helter skelter around here of late. There has been lots of solo parenting, with Scott travelling for work every week, for the last three weeks. Add to that, all the school holiday fun and it's been go go go! But there was one extra special day last week, when I was able to throw on a nice dress, slap on a dash of makeup and have a long, uninterrupted lunch, with a bunch of lovely ladies... at a rather swanky venue.

When I received the invite to attend lunch and view the new Jeanswest Maternity wear range, I was somewhat flattered and very excited. During both of my pregnancies I found maternity wear extremely tricky to navigate. Between the clothes that just didn't fit right and the exorbitant cost of the clothes that did suit my pregnant shape, it was all a bit overwhelming. I ended up with a mish mash of a maternity wardrobe. I only wish this gorgeous range had been around back then, would have been perfect. But for anyone reading this who is currently pregnant, a little look-see at the Jeanswest maternity wear range might be well worthwhile. Reasonably priced, great variety and beautiful colours and designs... and from all reports, super comfy too. 

Thank you to Anna and the girls at Jeanswest for a wonderful afternoon, I can't remember the last time I was treated to a fancy sit down lunch, sans kiddies. 


  1. Lucky looks like you had a lovely time...i thought for a minute there i had missed an announcement.LOL. xxx

  2. A great opportunity to relax with friends and enjoy yourself!

  3. It looks like you had a very nice time. I didn't like maternity clothes very much, I could have used this kind of guidance. :)

  4. Ooh, lucky you! It's so hard to justify spending money on maternity clothes when you only wear it for a short period if time..... actually what am I saying I still wear a couple of "maternity" skirts and my youngest is 4 and a half. They're just so comfy!

  5. Oh look, there you are gorgeous girl - right at the bottom! Sometimes we need an invitation to do something like this to actually do it. Otherwise, we never find the time. The food looks amazing, and I love that JeansWest are doing something for the pregnant girls. Their maternity jeans just came out when I was pregnant with Noah. They were fabulous! Very excited about affordable clothing. Such a shame that my baby making days are over. Sigh.


  6. Ooh I'd love to go to Chiswick for lunch! Lucky you. X

  7. Chiswick = lush.

    I agree, maternity clothes can really suck. I wore Gap and bits and pieces from Zara in my first few pregnancies. But with Harriet, I lived in ASOS maternity wear and it was awesome.

    Glad to hear there are some new kids on maternity wear block.

    You look gorgeous too!


  8. Oh gosh that looks divine! You lucky thing, what fun! And how gorgeous are you Jules!!! Just beautiful x

  9. You are stunning J and deserved a ladies lunch!


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