Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Magic of Christmas

It doesn't take much to make me lose sight of the joy that is this time of year. I have been known to stress about everything from decorating the house, to the number of names on my gift list, to what I'm going to cook for Christmas lunch, to the overall expense of things, to the increased traffic on the roads, traffic in the shops... and so on and so on. And if I am being completely honest, the last few years, I've just struggled through the motions of the lead up to December twenty five. It's a little sad to admit actually.

But this week, has seen some incredible moments, which have kicked the season off beautifully. One of my very best friends in the world gave birth to her second child, a boy... a beautiful boy... named Toby. On Friday evening, I visited them both in the hospital... and it was just the loveliest way to spend a couple of hours. I left feeling totally intoxicated on that precious newborn glow... and I was a teeny bit excited to gift a collection of my Button Tots creations for the little sweetheart. Last night, was Scott's work Christmas party. The first one in fourteen years, I attended as a guest... because the previous thirteen, I was an employee at the company. But nothing has changed I'm pleased to say. Still lots of laughter, still lots of drinking, still lots of dancing and still a fabulous night out with friends.
Then today, the ornaments came out, the tree was dressed and this evening, the lights switched on. And the magic of Christmas is alive and well in this little home. 


  1. Your boys have reached the magic age for Christmas, they'll be super excited and their excitement will be contagious. Just enjoy the time with them, everything else will fall into place. My tips for a stress free Chrissy? Buy gifts online, get guests to bring food (keep it simple -cold ham, cold turkey, salads, trifle and plenty of champagne), focus on the kids' joy. Enjoy the festive season. Xxx

  2. Love the party photos - looks like a whole heap fun! I'm hoping the decorations will stay on our tree - have a wee man who likes to take them off as fast as we put them on! Have a great week! xo

  3. It can be a busy & difficult time but so glad you had a lovely start to the Christmas season.

  4. Brilliant - all round.
    I love, love your boys by the tree.
    The kids just really make this time of year.
    (Although - I am slightly jealous of your roaring good time with your man too!!)

  5. What a sensational way to see the festive season in Julie.
    It's all about the tree at this age isn't it? Kaizer has already rearranged our few decorations tens times over.

  6. Christmas is such a special time.....I just LOVE the build up. I think going local, handmade and plastic free, as much as possible, has really helped with this. Rememeber to breathe and enjoy :)

  7. I love seeing the boys there absolutely entranced by your lovely lit up Christmas tree..and noted the good sized stockings hanging up on the wall! Looks like it was a lively party..lots of laughter etc.

  8. Great tree - and love their stockings. Glad you had a fab night out. xx


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