Thursday, December 20, 2012


Today was a scorcher. The kind of searing heat where even the sun is too scared to show it's face. So under cloudy skies, we went down to the water. I didn't overly want to beach it either. It meant shaving my legs and applying thick layers of sun screen to squirmy boys... not to mention having to do my own back, why don't humans have slightly longer arms for things like evenly applying sunscreen to their backs!? Clearly I have too much time to think about such things at the moment. If only I did have a little extra time right now. For someone who really loves shopping, I am really over shopping, in a big way. It's reached a nauseating stage for me, with the crowds, the queues, the money being spent. Ahh, I'm looking forward to not having to worry about any of it once Christmas comes and goes.

But I did enjoy watching my crazy duo, bounding around like a couple of puppies on the sand. Jumping in rock pool puddles and karate kicking at waves. They have an endless energy that would make me a very rich woman, if only I could bottle it.


  1. Hot one here too Jules, have a wonderful Xmas with the family xx

  2. So hot, wasn't it! I avoided the heat and lounged around at my Mum's place all day.

    I agree, I SO WISH I could bottle up my kids energy. Where do they get it? How come they seldom get tired?!

    Also, I highly recommend rash shirts at the beach. I wear mine even if I have no intention of getting in the water. Problem solved. And my wrists to my neck are covered from the sun!


  3. Totally the best place for everyone on that scorcher of a day! Thankfully today looks like it will be a little cooler here. I get the housework and anything strenuous done before ten if possible and shopping is always best in the afternoon so I can catch some aircon. I hope you're having a more pleasant day today weatherwise.

  4. Sea pools are the best....I wish we lived a little closer. You are living the life my lovely, and the boys are relishing it! Merry Christmas x

  5. Beautiful boys! Yep, do need a shot of little people energy, x


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