Friday, September 5, 2014

Icy Blue

I find Winter a particularly tough season to actually get going. The idea of hibernating at home, out of the wind and cold and rain is simply far more appealing, than having to get myself and the littlies dressed warmly and ready to go out. Wednesday was icily brisk and bowing a gale. So of course Felix was set on heading out for a scooter ride and a salad from our favourite lunch stop. A little health food eatery called Melonhead. So whilst I wasn't quite as keen as he, I sucked it up and off we went.

So glad we did too. The sea was wild and furious and exhilarating. Imagine not being there to see all that raw beauty. Clouds swirled in and out, covering the sun at times and changing the complexion of the ocean entirely. But when it shone, boy did it light up the sky, reflecting like an icy blue mirror on the water. 


  1. Actually I like our beaches best in the wintertime...they have so much character and beauty when the weather is ain't wild....looks like you had a great little adventure. Xxx

  2. Love! I also love that Felix likes salad! Very impressive.

  3. Oh wow the ocean sure is putting on a show! Beautiful memories you are making xx


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